Sunday, February 17, 2008

Using The Nintendo Wii As A Digital Photo Frame For Your TV

A lot of people do not know how many functions the Nintendo Wii has. One of the most under mentioned features is the ability to use it as digital photo frame. The Nintendo Wii has a SD slot and a built in Photo viewer. Even though it is not going to be the

Photo Channel 1.1 is the latest photo viewer for the Nintendo Wii. If you don't have you should be able to connect the Wii to your wireless network and download the latest version. After you insert your Sd card into the front hidden compartment, right under the CD loading system. Using the Wii pointer you can launch this app. It will then ask you if you want to view the images from the SD card or internal memory. Select SD card. Pick a picture and move the pointer to the bottom lower right corner of the screen. Select slide show and your off.

You can also use this to edit photos and publish to the internet. You can also send them to friends via email and a wireless connection.

The Nintendo Wii plus Photo Channel 1.1 (a free program that comes with the Wii) is not a bad solution for a photo viewer and great for an video game system too. The quality is great for display it on a TV. I am unsure of the picture quality but it has to be equal to or better than 800x600 and it does not look pixelated like what you expect.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Venturer DPF811SE

This digital photo frame runs below $75. it will not show high end photo well. It will show brightly lit face shots adequately enough. There is a noticeable difference in this frame and some of the newer models that have better resolution (that means less noticeable distortion).

If you have to stay under $100 I would have to say wait. Without power saving features I think that this frame will cost more in the long run than some of the other frames with a power saving feature. I also think that the lack of remote and large pixels make this a photo frame that has some noticeable downsides compared to its peers.

The price difference will show up when you try to show any other pictures than face shots that are brightly lit.

The LCD they use has only one optimal viewing angle. That means that in order to get the a clear picture of the digital photo you need to be standing in the exact right location. This is not a good feature to have in a digital photo frame.

Getting photos on it was simple enough. The interchangeable face plates are nice but it doesn't make up for the lack in picture quality.

I received this as a gift so its okay but if your a serious photographer or someone who will want to show more than brightly lit face shots than you will be better off spending the extra money and getting a digital photo frame like any of the Kodak models I have seen flying off the store shelves.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Make Your Digital Photo Frame Green

Use a digital timer or regular timer if you want to make you digital photo-frame green. Its a cost effective way of handling it and will usually save you around $50 - $100 on a frame with the feature built in.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Audiovox digital picture frame looks godd when you look at it from above

The Audiovox digital picture frame looks good when you look at it from above. When you view the Audiovox from other angles its dark. It handles complex images okay but the low resolution and low contrast make it NOT WORTH Purchasing. The white frames also are very hard to match with existing furniture. I would highly recommend getting a digital photo frame that has changeable frames or a wooden frame.

Monday, December 24, 2007

All that maters is the resolution of the frame - Don't Be Fooled

I have seen many digital photo frames advertise they hold 100 10 megapixel photos or 50 12 megapixel photos. This is a scam, it doesn't matter. All that matters is the resolution of the picture frame (and maybe the contrast ratio).

If you do not see 1024x768 or 800x600 resolution your going to be sorry.

Your going to have pay at least $125-$175 for a cheap good resolution frame but believe me when you try and show a sunrise or sunset, you will thank me.

I have included a description of a frame that is sub par. It was listed for under $100 (a first sign that that frame is not a good selection).

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Using a timer can make your digital photo frame environmentally friendly

Using a timer can make your digital photo frame environmentally friendly. A lot of the under $200 digital photography frames do not have built in timers. I found that its just as easy to buy one. Most of these digital photoframes come on and automatically start playing the photographs on the memory cards. If you have music on the memory card it will more than likely play the music also (if this is a feature of the frame).

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Why do the Digital Photo frames look better in the store?

Why do the Digital Photo frames look better in the store?

They are showing images that look good with there frames. Mostly head shots and shots with dramatically different colors. In real life we usually don't take a lot of the same shots.

Its the frames with high contract ratios that show the wide range of shots:

(larger number):1 is how its usually displayed on the box
3000:1 is what the Insignia has.